• How to install and run Windows Media Creation Tool

    If you recently been suffered from Windows been deleted from your computer at once and you don't have the backup of your operating system. The backup will help you to install Windows once again without buying or licensing a new one. The one way of doing a backup of od Windows is to use the Media Creation Tool to do this. Windows Media Creation tool is a software that helps us to install clean and virus free operating system on any other PC. This software is developed by Microsoft. This software is also used to install the update the Windows version to the latest one.

    How to install Windows Media Creation Tool

    Windows Media Creation Tool is developed from Microsoft Corporation for the users to repair and install new updates on your Windows PC. It is free from the virus because at every stage there is a verification of every file.

    Just install the Media Creation Tool from the above link and You can do the following things after doing it.

    (1.) Windows Update

    There is a simple way to update your Windows version. It is the Windows OTA updates, that will help you to install the driver updates, OS updates. But the only thing is, it takes time more than usual time to install the updates.

    (2.) Windows Upgrade Assistant

    This is the most devastating way to install Windows updates but some considered it to be a most useful way to do so. I myself tried to install the update with this application and I will list the steps I have taken while installing the update and you can follow them or you can try it by yourself.

    Assuming that you visit the above link and you can follow the next steps to Install the Media Creation Tool.

    Step 1: Download the Windows Media Creation Tool by visiting the site.

    Step 2: Locate the file in the download folder and Run that file as an Administrator.

    Step 3: Accept the term and conditions, because that is the only option you have if you want to use the application. So click "Accept" to continue.

    Step 4: Now you have to select the options between "(1.) Upgrade the PC" if you want to upgrade the PC and "(2.) Create the installation file" if you want to repair your Windows.

    Note: If you select the first option, the computer will start installing the update and reboot again and If you select the second option then you will have to use a USB drive or CD to install the new operating system because the system will boot into the BIOS.

    Step 5: Now click on "Accept" and the package file will start downloading.

    Step 6: Now the file has been downloaded, you can click on "Install windows update" and the update will start installing.

    If you have all the steps as same as they mentioned above, it will take up to 1-hour to install, so be patient and because all you have to do is done and the update will be installed.


    The steps mentioned above will help you to install Windows Media Creation tool and to use that to install a new update. The steps for repairing the Windows will be a topic of another day and another article. This is all I can say about this topic and you can let me know in the comments that how this article help or did not help you to install the Windows Media Creation Tool.